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Урок английского языка в 5 классе. Тема: «My favourite school subject»

Сирота Юлия Валерьевна,

учитель английского языка КГУ «Саумалкольская средняя школа № 1»,

с. Саумалколь, Северо-Казахстанской области, Казахстан

The aim: improvement students’ knowledge, skills and abilities on the theme.


1.students will be able to use vocabulary on the theme of the lesson, Present Continuous; speak about their favourite school subject

2.students will be able to demonstrate analytical thinking; cognitive interest to studies

3.to bring up interest to schooling

Lesson’s type: improvement knowledge, skills and habits

Lesson’s kind: mixed

Forms of teaching: individual, frontal, in pairs, in groups

Methodical approach: verbal, visual, practical, interactive

Technologies: ICT, Critical thinking, Collective forms of teaching

Modules: new approaches, dialogue teaching, age features, management and leadership, ICT, assessment of learning

Materials: a computer, an interactive board, a text-book, cards, audio records, a poster, stickers



T: Good morning children! I’m glad to see you! Sit down, please.

S: Good morning! We are glad to see you too!

II.Introduction to the theme of the lesson.

T: -Students, watch the video and guess the theme of the lesson.

T: -What are we going to talk about?

S: -We are going to talk about our favourite school subjects.


Students read the poem “I love learning English”.


I can read, I can write,

I can speak English too.

I love learning English!

And what about you?

T:-Do you like learning English, Alina? etc.

IV.Phonetic drill.


T: -Students, look at the interactive board, listen and repeat, please.

Maths, Geography, Biology, Computer Studies, Kazakh, English, Russian, History, Literature, Science, Music, Physical Education (РЕ), Art.

V.The main part of the lesson.

1.Vocabulary work

T: -Look at the blackboard. You can see some English letters there. But the letters are not in the right order. Make up school subjects from the letters.

1.AMSUTIHSCM (Maths, Music)

2.ERANTHSGIL (English, Art)

3.HEGSOTORGYRYAPHI (Geography, History)

4.ZASIANKARUSHK (Kazakh, Russian)

  1. Reading

Ex. 3 p. 104

In pairs students read the dialogue.

3.Pair- work

Ex. 5 p. 104

In pairs students ask and answer the question.


T: -What is your favourite school subject and why? Students speak about their favourite school subjects.

Student 1.My favourite school subject is Physical Education, because I like to play football. I like to run, to jump and to do some exercises.

Student 2. My favourite subject is Literature because I like to read books and fairy tales. My favorite book is “Harry Potter”

Student 3. My favourite subject is Nature Classes because I like to learn about different countries, animals and plants.

Student 4. My favourite subject is English, because I like to speak English to read texts and I want to visit Great Britain.

Student 5. My favourite subject is Maths, because I never have difficulty with it and always get good marks in tests.

5.Physical minute

Students sing the song “What’s your favourite subject?

What’s you favourite subject?

What’s you favourite subject?

What’s you favourite subject?

Maths is my favourite subject.

What’s you favourite subject?

What’s you favourite subject?

What’s you favourite subject?

Art is my favourite subject.

6.Grammar. Revision of the Present Continuous Tense

Students divide into three groups: Group A — weak students, Group B — average students, Group C — good students

Group A

Students find the sentences in the Present Continuous Tense and underline them.

1.I am learning English now.

2.He is my friend.

3.Kate is reading a book now.

4.Are you talking to your friend?

5.We are speaking English now.

6.She lives in Astana now.

7.We go to school every day.

8.You are sitting on a chair now.

9.He has five lessons every day.

10.My name is Aset.

Group B

Students make up negative forms and questions.

1.I am learning Kazakh now.

2.Misha is playing football now.

3.Omar and Anar are helping their mother now.

4.They are dancing now.

5.My little sister is sleeping now.

Group C

Students open the brackets using verbs in the Present Continuous Tense.

1.I (do) my homework.

2.What you (do)?

3.What they (talk) about?

4.She (sit) at her desk?

5.Masha and her friends (go) to the library.

7.Game: “What subject are you good at?”

T: -Let’s play the game “What subject are you good at?” (Play with a ball)

Make the round, take the ball, throw it and ask: “What subject are you good at?” and you answer “I am good at …


T: -Listen to the dialogue and tick the subjects that are mentioned in the dialogue.

- What is your favourite subject at school?
- I like music and physical education but my favorite subject is math.
- Why do you like math?
- I think I am good at math. I like to solve various problems the teacher gives us. I like to learn and apply new
mathematical rules and concepts.
- Do you write a lot of tests?

- We usually write a test after we finish a chapter in our math book.
- And what is you favourite subject?
- I must say it's literature. I like to read. I spend a lot of time reading books.
- What do you do at your reading classes?
- Every day the teacher gives us a book to bring home. We are to read it, record the summary of what we read in our copy-books and answer some questions. In class we discuss the story, answer questions about it and talk about main characters of the stories.





Physical education





T: -Change your cards and check your answers.

T: -Alina, how many mistakes has Ksusha?, etc.

9.A guessing game

1.You can count and do sums.(Maths)

2.You can draw pictures.(Art)

3.You study events that happened long ago.(History)

4.You can play football. (PE)

5.You can sing different songs.(Music)

6.You read stories, novels, learn poems by heart. (Literature)


Ex. 16 p. 107


The teacher evaluates the students.


T: -You have two apples: red and green. Express your attitude to the lesson using these apples.

Red apple — I understood the topic of the lesson, I have no questions.

Green apple — I didn’t understand the topic of the lesson, I have questions. Attach your stickers on the tree.


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