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Республика Казахстан,город Шымкент

Школа-гимназия №107 имени  Ю.Сарёми

Учительница английского языка

Нурметова Малика

The theme:(Сабақтыңтақырыбы)


The aim of the teaching:

( Оқытудың негізгі мақсаты)

1) to develop students' grammar skill (present continuous tense)

2) to develop students' reading skills and oral speech

3) to bring up students to be polite and friendship

Using  of seven topics and methods:

(Модульдердіңенгізілуімен әдіс-тәсілдер)

1. Learning to think critically.

2. Using ICT in teaching and learning.

3.Assessment for and of learning.

4.  Responding to age related differences in teaching and learning.

The aids:(Pесурстар)

Interactive board, CD disc, computer, cards, photos.


The    results of the learning.:

 ( Оқу нәтижелері)

The pupils can:

1. describe what they are wearing now.

2. make conversation about clothes.

3.think critically .

4. use clothes vocabularies and speak  about clothes.

5.separate men’s and women’s clothes.

6.seperate seasons’ clothes


The teacher’s action:

(Мұғалім әрекеті).

The student ’s action:

 (Оқушы әрекеті)





І.  Organization moment: (Ұйымдастыру кезеңі)



1.Greeting with the students, reporting the dutyness, making call and roll. 

2.Explaining the aim and tasks of the lesson.



  1. Greeting with the teacher.


2.The pupils on duty will report the condition of the class.


Formative, Summative




The revision of the former lesson.




1.Checking up pupils’ home tasks.

W.B Ex-1,2  p.52.

Checks students' homework, correct their mistakes and marks them.



1. The pupils will check up home tasks and  change their  note book with each other and find their mistakes and will mark themselves.










  1. Түсіну: The new lesson:



Ex1 p 98

  •          Focus on the pictures and ask students which words they know in English.
  •          Set a time limit of three minutes. Students read the words and look around for examples of the items in the classroom.
  •          Ask students to find all the words that are in the plural form.

(Teacher gives all new words in list with transcription and translation)

2. Listening  Outside the stadium

  •          Read out the introduction to the listening. Explain that Exeter City and Bristol Rovers are English football clubs and that red white and black are Exeter City's team colours.
  •          Ask students what they can see in the pictures.
  •          Read out the question and ask students to listen for the answer. Play the recording.

Answer (Lisa's got the tickets).





Look at the pictures. They must tell how many of these things they can see in the classroom.











They listen to Jack and Ben. And answer who has got the ticket for the match.






Listen again and answer the question.





3- -3





  1. Қолдану:

Consolidation of the new lesson:

 (Жаңа сабақты меңгерту)


Key vocabulary:

W.B. Ex 1 p 54

Teacher read the description.

1. You wear this on your head.

2. You can take an umbrella or wear this.

3. A girl can wear a skirt or these.

4. You wear these on your hands.

5. A T-shirt is a sort of ... .

6. These are trousers. They're often blue.

7. You wear these when it's sunny.

8. You wear these on your feet under your   

9. You can wear sweater under this.

10. And you can wear a jacket under this.

11. You wear these on your feet on the beach.

12. A footballer wears these.


1.The teacher will show the pupils boy’s and girl’s photos and will ask the 1st group  to call name of the boy’s and the 2nd group to call  girl’s clothes.




2. The teacher will ask

a) The1 group’s pupils will cover boy’s  clothes’ names on the poster

b)The2 group’s pupils will cover girl’s  clothes names on the poster



3.The teacher will ask the pupils to write and paint  the names of the pictures of clothes to both groups.




4. The teacher will ask the pupils to complete the words which is given by the pictures of clothes.


Thinking critically .

1. The teacher asks  pupils  to complete the puzzles.





Students listen and complete the words.


  1.       hat
  2.       raincoat
  3.       trousers
  4.       gloves
  5.       top
  6.       jeans


  1.       sunglasses
  2.       socks



  1.       jacket
  2.   coat


  1.   sandals


  1.   shorts



1.The1st group  will call name of the boy’s clothes and the 2nd group will call  girl’s clothes





2.a) The1st  group’s pupils will cover  boy’s  clothes names to the poster

b)The2nd  group’s pupils will cover girl’s  clothes names on the poster


3.The pupils will write and paint  the names of the pictures of clothes to both groups.



4. The pupils will complete the words which is given by the pictures of clothes.




  1. Students complete the puzzles.






































































5 min


V. Бағалау: Marking.


1. The teacher marks students.



1. The students will get their marks.





VI. Home work:

(Үй тапсырмасы)



2. The teacher explains  the home task.


Ex-3. p.98. Encourage students to use a mixture of present simple and present continuous verbs, as in the examples. Remind them of other frequency adverbs that may be useful (always, often, usually) .




2. The  pupils will take their home task.

Studentswrite about them. How many true sentences they can make using the verb wear.





2- min.





1.The teacher will ask pupils to write reflection.      

What did learn?

What did you want to learn?


1.The pupils will write reflection.



2- min.


Checked up: (Тексерілді)-----------------

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