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Crime verbs

«Тұран» мектеп-гимназиясы, ағылшын тілі пәні мұғалімі Қалдарбеков Ерболат Беркинбаевич

Theme: Crime verbs

Aims of the lessonTo introduce  students with the crime verbs and train their memory

Result of the lesson: Students  knew  informations about crime verbs

Ideas of the lesson: Working with groups

Methods of the lessona hot chair, radio show, matching test, attack to brain, post it

   Grade: 10 «А»




Сабақтың кезеңдері

Мұғалімнің іс-әрекеті

Оқушының іс-әрекеті

Оқыту үшін бағалау және оқытуды бағалау

Қолданылатын ресурстар


3 min





Dividing into the groups



Student I’ll devide you into 3 groups with the help of sweets

Students take one of them and change their placeses


 Plate with sweets



12  min

Checking home task

Students today I’ll check up your home task with interesting game which is called “Jeopardy”. You must find translations of these words.

 Students answered for questions

Marking with differend things

IT technology

3 min




Introducing  students with the crime verbs




Students look at the board. There are some crime verbs. I give you some definitions for them.


Students write the new words to their note books.


IT technology




Radio show


Match the words

Working with group

So, know this radio show carefully and discuss it with partners and with groups.

Ok,there are some tasks for you

-Write the names of the crimes in the spaces

1.Have you seen the church?They sprayed graffiti all over it. ___________

2. They broke a window to get in but they only took the TV and the DVD player.___________

3.When he was only 12,he broke into a car and drove it around,just for fun._____________

4.I was on the bus. I felt a hand and I looked my wallet it was gone.__________

Murderer       A. A person who attacks someone in the street ant takes their valuables,

Assassi        B. the act of killing another person.

Mugger       C. a person who kills another people or person.

Break-in      D. someone who steals things

Crime? What is it? Student try to answer for these questions

Students discuss about it with group then write their impressions

For the second task studends  find the names of the crimesfnd after that match the words



Giving exactly facts

use of grammar correct order

some of them using the constructive marking

IT technology,CD disc, books, dictionaries, copy books

5 min

Post it

 Look at me now share about your ideas and write in stikers

Home task

 - Vocabulary bank Page 115

 - make 10 sentences with crime verbs

Students wrote their meaning about lesson and write their home task

Constructive marking





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