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Должность:вчитель англійської мови

Урок поезії "Welcome lady Spring"


Мета уроку:

активізація вивченої лексики та граматики в мовленні;

розвиток мовної здогадки та логічного мислення;

розвиток зацікавленості учнів до вивчення англійської мови;

формування вміння працювати в групі; виховання почуття колективізму;

розвиток уявлення, фантазії, творчих здібностей.




                  карточки із завданнями;

                  малюнки квітів та тварин.


Хід уроку

І. Організаційна частина уроку:

- GreetingandAim:

T: Good morning, ladies and gentlemen! Glad to see you. How are you? Do you like today’s weather? I think it’s winter now. Am I right? Let's imagine it's spring now. Prove it. (презентація)

- Warming up:

·               It’s sunny, it’s not cloudy.

·               It’s warm.

·               The days are getting longer and the nights are getting shorter.

·               We can hear the songs of the birds. They are coming back from the warm countries.

·               We can see the first short green grass.

·               We can see the first small buds in the trees.

·               We can see the first spring flowers everywhere.


ІI. Основна частина уроку:

- RevisingLexics:

T: You are absolutely right. It’s spring. Let’s welcome spring with some nice poems.


1.              Spring, spring is coming soon,

Grass is green and flowers bloom,

Birds returning from the south,

Bees are buzzing all about,

Leaves are budding everywhere,

Spring, spring is finally here!


2.              Pass the happy news along.

Listen to the birds' sweet songs.

Spring is coming, winter’s gone!

Pass the happy news along.


3.              This is the season

When snowdrops bloom,

When nobody likes

To slay in the room.


4.              This is the season

When birds make their nests,

This is the season

We all like best.


- Speaking:

T: Spring has come. And we’ve got a pretty guest today. She knows everything about spring. Do you want to know who she is. Welcome her. She is Lady Spring.

Lady Spring:   Good morning, girls and boys! Hello, dear guests! I am glad to see you! My name is Lady Spring! I am the most beautiful season of the year and I have three friends. Do you know them? Let me introduce them. They are March, April and May.

5.              March

Never mind March, we know

You're not really mad

Or angry or bad.

You're only blowing the winter away

To get the world ready

For April and May.


6.              April

 April is a rainbow month,
Of sudden springtime showers.

Bright with golden daffodils

And lots of pretty flowers.


7.              May

May's a month of happy sounds,

The hum of buzzing bees,

The chirp of little baby birds

And the song of a gentle breezе


T:Lady Spring! Our students are very talented and they’ve prepared a lot of nice presents for you.

LS:   Thanks a lot. I like it very much. You know, I am a very changeable season, children! My days are warm, but evenings are cold, it is usually sunny, the weather is so nice. Do you know anything about me?

8.              The grass is green.

Flower blossoms I have seen.

The days are warm.

By evening it cools.

It's time to find the garden tools.


9.              March winds and April showers

Bring forth May flowers.

The birds are returning,

Their songs are filling the air.

And meadows are smiling

With blossoms so fair


10.            Spring is coming, spring is coming!

Birds build their nests.

Weave together straw and feather,

They do each their best.

Spring is coming, spring is coming.

All around is fair.

Everybody's on the river,

Joy is everywhere.


LS:  Right you are, kids! But sometimes I am not so happy. So the weather is not so sunny and warm. Sometimes it rains and sometimes it is windy. Do you agree with me?

11.            Rain on the green grass,

Rain on the tree,

Rain on the house-top,

But not on me.

Rain, rain go away,

Come again another day.


12.            Spring is coming so I'm told

By a crocus dressed in gold.

Spring is coming so I hear

From the blackbird's song so clear.

Spring is coming so I guess

By the hawthorn's gay new dress.

Spring is coming, yes, I know,

For a snowdrop told me so.


13.             March brings sunny days and winds,

So we know that spring begins.

April brings the primrose sweet,

We see daisies at our feet.

May brings flowers, joy and grass,

And the holidays for us.

We are happy, we are happy!

We sing all day. It’s spring again!


LS:   Thank you, children! You are really brilliant! And I am really pretty, I have lots of wonderful friends. They are trees and flowers. Oh, look! My flowers – Roses, Pinks, Tulips, and Daisies.

14.             We like flowers that are white,

We like flowers that are bright,

We like flowers that are blue,

We like red and yellow flowers too.


15.            Spring is coming, spring is coming,

Flowers are coming, too;

Pansies, lilies, daffodils

Now are coming through.


16.            Buttercups and daisies

Oh the pretty flowers,

Coming here the springtime

To tell of sunny hours.

While the trees are leafless,

While the fields are bare,

Buttercups and daisies

Spring up here and there.


17.            The first and tender flower,

Snowdrop grows under snow,

My beauty has always a power

Over people lowing bow

A violet is a pretty flower

You will find in May.

I blossom in woods

And make them look gay.


18.            When the trees are leafless,

When the fields are bare,

Tulips of all colours

Spring up here and there.

Yellow as the sun,

Round as a ball,

The children like a dandelion

Best of all.

19.            Lady Spring has a party;

The flowers by hundreds came;

The Roses, Pinks and Daisies,

All flowers have their names.


20.            Come, flowers, let us dance,

Let us dance and sing,

As we go round and round

In a merry ring.


21.            Red and yellow, pink and blue,

The flowers are just for you!

See them dancing in the breeze,

Come, on and smell them, please!


LS: Oh, my lovely flowers. Do you like them? They are great. They can dance well. What can you do well?

LS:  My beautiful flowers are of different colours. They are green, blue, orange and pink. What other colours do you know, children?

22.            The bird is grey,

The sky is blue

The tree is green,

The bush is green, too.

The sun is yellow,

The cloud is white,

The flower is red,

The butterfly is bright.


T:Lady Spring likes to play with her colours. Do you want to play? Let’s play a very interesting game which is called “Colours”. You should look at the screen and name the colour of the things (the sky, the sun, the bird, the grass, the snowdrop, the tulip, the rose, the fox, the frog, the butterfly, the squirrel, the pig, the bee, the rabbit).

LS: Excellent students! And now let’s sing my favourite song about the colours “Sing a rainbow”. Do you remember this song?

LS: I see that you like to sing.

LS:   My pretty girls, look! What fantastic dresses you have today! And our gentlemen are so smart! I come to your school today to see what you can do and what you have learnt. I like your school very much. It’s big, warm and light. You are at school five days a week. By the way, what day is it today?




23.            See how many you can say.

Sunday, Monday, Tuesday,

Wednesday, Thursday, Friday,

Saturday. What's today?


24.            Monday's child is nice and slow

Tuesday's child is go, go, go

Wednesday's child is very funny

Thursday's child is happy and sunny

Friday's child is like a king

Saturday's child can dance and sing

Sunday's child can stand on her head

And count the ghosts under her bed!


LS: Do you know the song about the days of the week? Let’s sing a song “Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday “.

LS:  Great! You are so nice! You can name all the days of the week. Can you do other things well? Let’s play.


Урок поезії "Welcome lady Spring" Урок поезії "Welcome lady Spring"
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