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Out of class action for English "Oh, lucky! "

Республика Казахстан,Ақмола облысы,Көкшетау қаласы
Дарынды балаларға арналған №3 облыстық мамандандырылған мектеп-интернаты
Ағылшын тілі пәнінің мұғалімі
Жунусова Асель Алтаевна

The aims:

  • To teach to be cultural person, to grow interest to English language. Develop pronunciation, memory reading, and speaking skills.
  • develop listening skills by listening to the questions
  • to promote maintenance of interest to learning of foreign language;
  •  to broaden the general horizons and erudition of pupils.


The type of the lesson: game.

The equipment: computer, multimedia projector, screens.


The methods of the lesson:

Place in educational process: pertinently to hold this event during a week of foreign languages at school. It is constructed by the principle of the television version of the game "Who Wants to Become a Millionaire".

Individual work



  1. Organization moment. 




-Good afternoon, dear teachers and pupils!

-Welcome to our competition! Our game called “Oh, lucky!”. And first of all I want you to introduce our participants:  

-How are you dear our participants?

-I’m very glad to see you, take your seats


Calling the register:

-Thank you! Let’s begin our game.




Leading:   The theme of our competition is « Oh, lucky! ».

Let me introduce our participants:   The rule of this game: the pupil who has coped correctly and most quickly with questions of selection round, it is necessary to answer 15 questions, choosing the answer from 4 offered options. Questions are picked up taking into account increase of level of complexity. Answering them, the player can use three helps:

• 50/50: the computer cleans two wrong options;

• "Call to the friend": in 30 seconds the player has to learn opinion of the friend by phone;

• "Help of masters": the player asks for the help in advance invited "masters". Teachers, parents or especially erudite seniors who aren't taking part in game can be them.


The jury of our competition the teachers of English language.

Dear judges I ask you to be very attentive, with to read out a participant who will heave up the first a hand and will give a right answer.

Dear participants your task you must quickly and correctly answer the questions, and judges only then will reckon that participant.




   Action course

I. Question of the first selection round:


  1.  What do the Englishmen say to be taken a photo? 
    А: hello 
    B: good morning 
    C: ham
    D: cheese
  2.  What farmer had a lot of animals on his farm in the old American song? 
    А: old McCartney 
    B: old McDonald 
    C: old McDonald’s 
    D: old McKinley
  3.  How many stars are there on the American flag? 
    А: 50
    B: 51
    C: 48
    D: 49
  4.  What was the surname of Sherlock Holmes’ housemaid? 
    А: Watson
    B: Woodson
    C: Hudson 
    D: Hoodson
  5. Whose portrait is given on the 100 $ banknote?
    А: George Washington’s 
    B: Franklin Delano Roosevelt’s
    C: Benjamin Franklin's
    D: John Kennedy's
  6. Which of these cities is not in America? 
    А: Glasgow 
    B: Boston
    C: Los Angeles 
    D: Seattle
  7. The Beatles came from … 
    А: Birmingham 
    B: London
    C: Cambridge 
    D: Liverpool
  8. What’s the English for “В гостях хорошо, а дома лучше ”? 
    А: “Home, sweet home” 
    B: “East or West, home is best” 

    C: “My home is my castle”
    D: “Better late than never”
  9. The first underground in the world appeared in …
    А: New York 
    B: Moscow 
    C: London 

    D: Paris
  10. The picture of what animal can you see on the English coat of arms? 
    А: a lion 
    B: a bear
    C: a horse 
    D: an eagle
  11. Arnold Schwarzenegger is the governor of the state 
    А: Colorado 
    B: California 
    C: Texas 
    D: Kentucky
  12. Which of these books isn’t written by Ernest Hemingway? 
    А: “The Old Man and the Sea” 
    B: “The Sun Also Rises” 
    C: “A Farewell to Arms”
    D: “Robinson Crusoe”
  13. In the USA “down town” means… 
    А: away from the centre 
    B: in the suburbs 
    C: in the centre 
    D: a small town
  14.  … were the allies (союзники) of the USSR during the World War II
    А: Italy and France 
    B: The USA and Great Britain 
    C: Japan and Chin
    D: Australia and New Zealand
  15. How is the famous American film “Some like it hot” called in Russian? 
    А: «В джазе только девушки» 
    B: «Горячие головы» 
    C: «Кабаре»
    D: «Веселые ребята»

II. Question of the second selection round:

  1.  When it is someone’s birthday, it is usual to say:
    А: Congratulations! 
    B: Good luck! 
    C: I’m sorry! 
    D: Happy birthday!
  2. Smog is 
    А: a man’s blazer 
    B: thick fog
    C: a man’s hat 
    D: heavy rain
  3.  Who is the head of Great Britain?
    А: the Queen 
    B: the Prime - Minister 
    C: the President 
    D: the Chancellor
  4.  What’s the English for «бытьилинебыть»?
    А: be or not be 
    B: Would you be mine? 
    C: to be or not to be 
    D: bit’ ili ne bit’
  5.  Union Jack is 
    А: an American state 
    B: the name of a young boy 
    C: the national flag of GB
    D: Jack London’s nickname
  6. If yesterday two weeks ago was Saturday, what day will be tomorrow? 
    А: Monday 
    B: Saturday 
    C: Sunday 
    D: Tuesday
  7. What kind of state is the UK?
    А: republic 
    B: monarchy 
    C: parliamentary republic 
    D: parliamentary monarchy
  8. What title does Prince Charles, the eldest son of the British Queen, have?
    А: Prince of England 
    B: Prince of Wales
    C: Prince of Northern Ireland 
    D: Prince of Scotland
  9. What is another name for the Houses of Parliament?
    А: Clearness Palace 
    B: Buckingham Palace 
    C: Palace of Westminster 

    D: St. James’ Palace
  10. Who was the first woman – the Prime Minister of Great Britain? 
    А: Margaret Thatcher 
    B: Eliza Brown 
    C: Condoleezza Rice 
    D: Eva Brown
  11. Who is called by the British people "Our national bard", "The bard of Avon"? 
    А: Lord Byron 
    B: William Shakespeare 
    C: Robert Burns 
    D: Oscar Wild
  12. What does Lord Chancellor sit on? 
    А: the sofa 
    B: the armchair
    C: the throne 
    D: the woolsack
  13.  What are the main political parties of the UK? 
    А: Democratic and Republican 
    B: Conservative and Liberal 
    C: Conservative and  Labour 
    D: Republican and Liberal
  14. How were the American spaceships, intended for the flight to the Moon, called?
    А: “Pioneer”
    B: “Apollo”
    C: “Moon”
    D: “Challenger”
  15. In what city is the headquarters of the United Nations situated?
    А: New York 
    B: Beijing 
    C: San-Francisco 
    D: Brussels

III Question of the third selection round:


  1. 500: According to the English proverb when you don’t know what to speak about, speak about …
    А: politics 
    B: music 
    C: love 
    D: weather
  2. 1000: What’s the name of Barbie's boyfriend?
    А: Dean 
    B: Ken
    C: Ben 
    D: Dan
  3. 2000: How is “Green Peace” translated into Russian?
    А: “Зеленый мир” 
    B: “Зеленый шар” 
    C: “Зеленый дом”
    D: “Зеленый лес”
  4. 3000: Which banknote doesn’t exist in the USA?
    А: 1000$
    B: 5$
    C: 2$ 

    D: 3$
  5. 5000: What exhibits can we see in the famous Madame Tussaud’s museum? 
    А: fossil animals 
    B: exotic plants 
    C: wax figures
    D: pictures
  6. 10.000: What is the world’s largest island and the smallest continent?
    А: Australia 
    B: Great Britain 
    C: Greenland 

    D: Madagascar
  7. 15.000: What are the official languages in Canada?
    А: English and German 
    B: French and Spanish 
    C: English and Spanish 
    D: English and French
  8. 25.000: An apple a day… 
    А: the mice will play 
    B: keeps the doctor away 
    C: there is a way 
    D: will help me. Hooray!
  9. 50.000: What is the highest mark in British schools?
    А: B
    B: G
    C: A
    D: F
  10. 100.000: What invention made Alfred Nobel famous all over the world?
    А: Dynamite 
    B: Washing machine 
    C: Automobile 
    D: Penicillin
  11. 200.000: During the period of colonization British Government sent to Australia people who were: 
    А: usual people 
    B: prisoners 
    C: writers and poets 
    D: farmers
  12. 300.000: Norma Jean Baker is a real name of …
    А: Diana Spencer 
    B: Britney Spears 
    C: Madonna 
    D: Marillyn Monroe
  13. 500.000: Which planet is the nearest to the Sun?
    А: The Earth out .
    B: Mars 
    C: Mercury 

    D: Venus
  14.   1.000.000:

Look at the board, there will be beautiful poem about… Please find out right answer! BE CAREFULL MY LITTLE FRIEND!

Right answer: this poem about ‘Nature’

The winner of our game became ______________. He is a pupil of 11 th  form. Our best congratulations let us give you rewarded deed. (награждаеться грамотой)

Dear participants thank you for participating in our game, in a future I wish to you successes in your studies.

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