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Открытый урок по английскому языку "Welcome to London!"

Form: 9 “A”

Theme: “Welcome to London”

The main idea: This theme includes ideas concerning understanding of necessities of pupils, development of talents and abilities, realization of potential of all children through group interaction directed on understanding and acceptance of responsibility for their own training, as such training helps pupils to construct and develop their own critical thinking


Aims and objectives:

- to help pupils in studying new an active vocabulary on the lesson theme

- to assist the development of pupils’ skills in reading, speaking, listeningand similarly ability to reflect, analyse and ability to work in a group

- to bring up the patience to the other pupils and sense of responsibility for implementation of tasks


The procedure of the lesson:


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The stage of the lesson



I. Organization moment (greetings, psychological moment – training)


Using ICT in teaching


New approaches to teaching and learning (dialogue)

II. Warm-up

Teacher: You have one picture on each table. What can you say about it? What can you say about it?

Teacher: Yes, you are right. And where can we find all of these places?

Teacher: That's right! And as you can understand we are going to speak about one of the finest cities in the world, about London. I know that many of you have never been to London but today I want you to feel as if you are there. We’ll speak about the history of this great city, its interesting places to visit. So the theme of our lesson is «Welcome to London» 


New approaches to teaching and learning (dialogue)































































Learning to think critically












New approaches to teaching and learning (Learning how to learn)

Teaching talented and gifted




Age related learning


III. Actualization of knowledge

1. New words

The City

The West End

The East End

The St. Paul's Cathedral

Sir Christopher Wren

The Tower of London

Julius Caesar

William the Conqueror

Westminster Abbey

Buckingham Palace

The Trafalgar Square

Admiral Nelson

National Portrait Gallery

The British Museum


2. Practise the pronunciation.


3. Read the text

London is the capital of Great Britain, its political, economic, and commercial centre. It is one of the largest cities in the world. Its population is about 8 million.

London is divided into several parts: the City, Westminster, the West End, and the East End.

The heart of London is the City, its financial and business centre. There are some famous ancient buildings within the City. Perhaps the most striking of them is the St. Paul's Cathedral, the greatest of English churches. It was built in the 17th century by Sir Christopher Wren. The Tower of London was founded by Julius Caesar and in 1066 rebuilt by William the Conqueror. It was used as a fortress, a royal palace, and a prison. Now it is a museum.

Westminster is the governmental part of London.

Nearly all English kings and queens have been crowned in Westminster Abbey.

Across the road from Westminster Abbey is Westminster Palace, the seat of the British Parliament. The Clock Tower of the Houses of Parliament is famous for its big bell, known as "Big Ben". Buckingham Palace is the official residence of the Queen.

The West End is the richest and most beautiful part of London. It is the symbol of wealth and luxury. The best hotels, shops, restaurants, clubs, and theatres are situated there.

The Trafalgar Square is the geographical centre of London. It was named in memory of Admiral Nelson's victory in the battle of Trafalgar in 1805. The tall Nelson's Column stands in the middle of the square.

On the north side of the Trafalgar Square is the National Portrait Gallery. Not far away is the British Museum — the biggest museum in London. There are a lot of factories, workshops, and docks in the East End.


numerous — многочисленный
ancient —
древний, старинный
striking —
поразительный, замечательный
to found —
fortress —
royal —
to crown —
outstanding —
statesman —
to bury —
tower —
official residence —

wealth — богатство
luxury —
in memory of—
to contain —
priceless —


4. Comprehension check:

A. Answer the questions

1) What parts is London divided into?

2) What is the financial and business centre of London?

3) Is the West End the richest and beautiful part of London?

4) What is situated on the north side of the Trafalgar Square?

5) Name the governmental part of London?


B. True or False sentences

1) London's population is about 10 million.

2) The heart of London is the City.

3) St. Paul's Cathedral is the greatest English clock.

4) The East End is the working part of London.

5) The seat of the British Parliament is the Tower of London.


5. Work in groups

Teacher: And now to sum up information about London we will work in groups and do different tasks.

I, II groups should make up the texts using some phrases and words and then present them to the class.                 (Appendix A)

III group will write the running dictation. You will write the poem "London Eye" and at the end you should try to learn it by heart. (Appendix B)

IV group should solve some puzzles.               (Appendix C)


Teacher: Pupils! You have 10 minutes to do all of these tasks. then we will check your works.


6. Check the work


7. Test






























Assessment for and of learning

IV. Assessment.

To complete the chard according to the taken information from the lesson

! (have known)

+ (new)

— (haven’t known)

? (surprise)






1. I worked actively / passively on the lesson.

2. I am pleased / displeased with my work on the lesson.

3. Lesson seemed to me to be short / long.

4. I was tired / wasn’t tired after the lesson.

5. My mood now is better / worse.

6. The lesson material was clear / wasn’t clear for me.

Work in group



Work in pair



Individual work



Total mark:





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