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Год: 2012
Страна: Казахстан
Класс: 8


Учитель английского языка Асиенова Майра Мухамеджанкызы

Областная специализированная школа-интернат №3 для одаренных детей, (с казахским языком обучения)

Казахстан, Акмолинская область, город Кокшетау

The Theme: Oh, an Excellent Student!
Revision of the theme «Kazakhstan and the United Kingdom»

Сабақтың мақсаты
1. Оқушылардың танымдық қабілеттерін дамыту, өткен лексиканы қайталау және олардың Ұлы Британия туралы білімдерін бекіту. Ырықсыз етісті қайталау 
2. Оқушылардың сөйлеу, оқу, тыңдау және жазу қабілеттерін дамыту 
3. Оқушыларды өздігінен жұмыс істеуге дағдыландыру. Отанға деген сүйіспеншілігін арттыру
Сабақтың түріқайталау, сайыс сабағы    
Көрнекіліктеринтерактивті тақта, карта, тулар, жұлдыздар

Сабақтың барысы:

Ұйымдастыру кезеңі

Сабақтың тақырыбы мен мақсатымен таныстыру

Warm up. Brainstorm: write your associations to these countries: Great Britain and Kazakhstan.

Checking homework. At home you should find and write some information about sightseeings of London. Тақтада слайдпен Лондон қаласының қызықты орындары көрсетіліп тұрады, оқушылар үйде дайындаған мәліметтерді айтады.

Revision of the Passive Voice (электрондық оқулықты қолдану арқылы жасалу жолын қайталау, содан кейін жаттығу жасау).

Ойын «Oh, an Excellent Student!», сыныпты екі топқа бөлу: бірінші топ Қазақстан туралы сұрақтарға жауап береді, екінші топ Ұлы Британия туралы сұрақтарға жауап береді. Әр дұрыс жауап үшін бір жұлдыз беріледі. Ең көп жұлдыз жинаған топ жеңеді.




How many regions are there in Kazakhstan?

a) 10 b) 14 c) 12 d) 16

What is the capital of Kazakhstan?

a) Shimkent b) Karaganda  c) Almaty  d) Astana

When do we celebrate the Independence Day?

a) on the 16th of December b) on the 31st of December
c) on the 8th of March         d) on the 22nd of March

What is the biggest river in Kazakhstan?

a) the Syr-Darya b) the Irtysh c) the Illi d) the Ural

Who is the head of Kazakhstan?

a) N.Nazarbayev b) V.Putin c) Prince Charles d) G.Bush

What is the state language of Kazakhstan?

a) Russian b) Kazakh c) Chinese d) English

The novel «Abai» is the work of …

a) Zh.Zhabaev b) M.Auezov c) O.Suleymenov d) M.Dulatov

 What was Kurmangazy?

a) a composer b) a writer c) an artist d) an actor

When was the Constitution approved?

a) on the 18th of April b) c)d)

 Where is Kazakhstan situated?

a) Europe  b) Central Asia c) Africa d) Australia
Great Britain

What is the official language in Great Britain?

a) English b) French c) Russian d) Chinese

Big Ben is . . .

a) a clock b) a horse c) an animal d) a famous name

Great Britain is divided into . . .

a)three parts b) five parts c) four parts d) two parts

The capital of Great Britain is . . .

a) Paris b) Moscow c) London d) Cardiff

 What can you see in Trafalgar square?

a) Nelson`s statue b) King`s memorial c) Queen`s memorial
d) Michael Gorbachev`s memorial

 The name of the river in London is . . .

a) The Volga b) the Thames c)the Nail d) the Medvediza

Westminster Abbey is  . . .

a)the chapel b) the monastery c) the inn d) the famous royal church

Who is the head of England?

a) the Queen b) the tsar c) the Princess d) the Prince

In what country do men wear skirts?

a) France b) England c) Scotland d) Norway

 The princess Diana was the wife of . . .

a) Prince John b)Prince Robert c) Prince Wilhelm d) Prince Charles
Grammar task: change active into passive

The gardener has planted some trees.

Someone has broken the vase.

They have bought a new car.

She was read many books on astronomy.

The doctor has prescribed her some medicine.

Бекіту: Грамматикалық сұрақтар қою (Ырықсыз етіс)

Ырықсыз етіс. Ырықсыз етістің жасалу жолы.

Болымды, болымсыз және сұраулы сөйлемдер қалай жасалады?

Мысалдар келтіріңдер.

Homework: 132 бет оқу ж/е сұрақтарға жауап беру.
Marks and comments.

Grade:  5A                                                                                                       

The Theme:    Playing sport


To talk about sports.

To practise using the vocabulary of sport, to develop students` speaking skills.

To develop students` interest to study English.


Aid of the lesson: Mini-dictionary, cassette.                                          


Beginning activities:

Greeting:                   - Hello, how are you?  -I`m fine, thanks! I`m glad to see you!

Calling the register:     -Who is on duty today? Who is absent today?

                                                    What date is it today?

Warming up activities:   singing the song “The sun comes up”

Following up activities:

Activity 1 — Checking home task

Level tasks

І level


Some (affirmative)

Write sentences



I`ve got some CDs.

My city/new shops.


She/new T-shirts.

My friend/orange juice.


ІІ level


Some/any (affirmative, negative and questions)

We`ve got some stamps.

You haven`t got______ envelopes.

Have we got ________ mineral water?

She`s got ________ cheese sandwiches.

We haven`t got _______coffee.

Have we got _______  postcards?

ІІІ level


Some/any (affirmative and negative)

Look at the shopping list. Write sentences.

orange juice   √                   cheese √

mineral water x                    eggs x

tea    √                                 salad √

coffee x                              tomatoes x

envelopes √

stamps x

Activity 2 Key Words: Sports (1) athletics, basketball, diving, football, skiing, swimming, tennis

Have students look at the Key Words and draw their attention to the verbs used with different groups of sports. Students check the meaning of the Key Words in their Mini-dictionaries. Students then listen and repeat the words on the recording.

Activity 3 Option

Have students close their books. Mime a sport yourself, e.g. football, and have the class guess the sport. The student who guesses correctly then writes the sport on the board so that spelling is also checked. That student then mimes another sport for the class to guess.

Activity 4

Let's play a «snowball» game!

I like to play…

Activity 5 Relaxing Let`s have a rest.

Activity 6 Students work in pairs, looking at the illustrations and matching each action with a Key Word.

Answers: 1 athletics   2 diving   3 basketball 4 skiing   5 tennis 6 football 7 swimming

Students work individually, writing answers for themselves.

Have two students read out the example dialogue. Students then work in pairs, asking and answering questions and completing the table for their partner. Go round and monitor the activity.

Have some of the students tell the class about their partner, e.g. 'His/her favourite sport is ... .'

Activity 7 Look at these children and say what they do.

Round off activities

Students say about the abilities of their family and friends. Give them an example by talking about my family and friends, e.g.: My brother/sister likes swimming.

Giving and explaining the home task: to learn words

Marks and comments.

Our lesson is over! Good bye!

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