Чиркова Екатерина Юрьевна Chirkova Ekaterina
Должность:учитель английского языка EFL teacher
Страна:Российская Федерация the Russian Federation
Регион:Удмуртская Республика п. Игра the Udmurt Republic, Igra
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Баженова Марина, МБОУ Игринская СОШ №4,8Б класс


What do I Know about the Great Patriotic War?

In 1941 June, 22 Germany attacked The USSR after the most of European countries had been occupied before. Germany had not proclaimed war before. The war had been lasting until 1945. The Great Patriotic War is a part of the Second World War. The term Great Patriotic War is used in Russia and some other former Soviet republics.

During that time millions of Russian military servicemen were sent to the battlefront. Almost all the children and women were workers of rears. And my grandfather Ivan Michailovich worked in the Soviet collective farm. He was only 14 years old that time. My great-grandfather Zagrebin Nicolay Spiridonovich was sent to the battlefront in 1942. He was summoned with his friend Shirobokov Ivan Timofeevich. My great-grandfather was killed and his friend saw it. Ivan Timofeevich wrote a letter and sent it to my great-grandfather's family. Later he died too doing military actions. Nobody knows where my great-grandfather is buried. He is still considered to be a missing person.

About 25 million people died during the Great Patriotic War. And one of them was my great-grandfather. More than 4 million of them were missing people and taken prisoners.

70 years have passed after the war. It is still in the memory of many people and veterans. The veterans lived in fear thinking that the victory would never come. But the victory did come. It's a pity that there are fewer veterans every year. But life is life. Years change one another. But we celebrate the Victory Day every year 9 May.

A lot of poems, novels, short stories, chronicles, songs and films contain much information about the war. They will never make people forget this event. Also almost every family has some household items such as photos, letters from the battlefront, grandfather’s and great-grandfathers tools that remind us about the Great Patriotic War all the time.

That is all I know about the Great Patriotic War. Everyone should know about it because the Great Patriotic war touched upon every family.


Касаткина Екатерина, МБОУ Игринская СОШ №4, 8Б класс 

The Career I Dream of

There are many various kinds of professions connected with different types of activities. And when I say it people start thinking about doctors, teachers, drivers, and engineers. No doubt, they are the most widespread and famous forms of human activities.

But there is a difference between 2 notions: a career and a profession. You think about choosing a profession when you study at school. It is very important to choose an appropriate university. It will determine your way of life. Having finished a university you get your profession. Profession is a work you do according your education. But for very many people it is not enough. People are dreaming of a career. Career is what you make yourself. It shows your level of development, your ability to promote the ideas. You should be ready to discuss different things and cope with difficulties. There is no future without present. Future depends on what you are doing now.

I am the 8th form student, and, of course, I think about my future. I dream of being an architect. I want to do what I really like. I attend the art school in my free time. I learn architecture of world importance on the History of Arts lessons there. I get much interesting information. It attracts my attention and makes me love this sphere of activity. I like to create something new. I am keen on making unique drawings, blueprints, and sketches. It is not a useless thing. I want to do what brings usefulness. And architecture fits this description. The profession of the architect is creative and is considered to be free. An architect is an independent artist. He relies on the internal concepts of beauty.

 But I dream not only about the profession of the architect. I want to make a career of it. Some people think that career is something negative. But I don’t think so. Career gives you independence; it shows your professional growth. And I want to be a professional architect. I wish everyone to have a passion to their favorite activity, have an interesting profession and make a successful career. 


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