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Конкурс на английском языке «Звездный час».

Россия, Тамбовская область

Жердевский р-он, г. Жердевка

Сукмановский филиал МБОУ Шпикуловской СОШ

Учитель английского языка

Троянова  Светлана Павловна

Конкурс на английском языке

«Звездный час».

Конкурсные задания дают возможность детям повторить  весь пройденный материал .Заранее готовятся: звёздочки ,квадратики из картона  с цифрами  1 – 6 таблички .В конкурсе  4 тура и финал. Звёздочку получает  тот  ученик, который первым правильно  ответил на вопрос. По окончании  каждого тура из игры выбывает участник, который набрал наименьшее количество звёздочек.

    Ведущий:  Glad to meet you, dear boys and girls, guests and teachers!


                       Today  we are having a competition «The Star Hour».

                       Now the  participants will introduce themselves.

                       (участники конкурса коротко говорят о себе по-английски, затем читают наизусть стихотворения ,поют песни на английском языке ,чтобы получить звёздочку).

   1 тур. Страноведение.

    Task 1.  Flags.    

На  доске помещены флаги стран, перечисленных ниже, в такой последовательности  :

1. New Zealand,  2. Canada, 3. the UK, 4. Scotland, 5. Australia, 6. England.


1) Which is the flag of Australia?, 2) What country consists of 4 parts?, 3) What country  lies to the north of the US?, 4) What country lies to the north of England?, 5) What country lies to the south of Scotland ?                                                                       

  Task  2 .  Symbols .

На доске помещены такие эмблемы:
1.  a red rose,  2.  a thistle, 3. a shamrock, 4. a daffodil, 5. the bald eagle.


1) What is the national symbol  of  Scotland?, 2) What is the national symbol of  Wales?, 3) What is the national symbol of  England?, 4) What is the national symbol of  Ireland?

   Task  3 .  London Sights.

  На доске почтовые открытки, на которых изображены :

1. Buckingham  Palace,  2.  Westminster Abbey,  3.  St. Paul`s   Cathedral,  4. The Tower of  London, 5. The Houses of  Parliament, 6. Trafalgar Square.


1) What building has Big Ben?, 2) It was built in the 11th century by William  the Conqueror as a fortress and a royal palace. Later it was a prison, now it is a museum and a Royal Treasure. 3) What is a royal church? There are  tombs of many British kings and queens  and other famous people. This  is where the coronation takes place.

  Task 4.  Holidays.

  На доске открытки - поздравления с праздниками : 1. Christmas, 2. St. Valentine`s Day, 3. Easter, 4. Mother`s Day, 5. Halloween, 6. Father`s Day.

   (учащимся предлагается описание нескольких праздников, с тем чтобы они назвали, о котором из них идёт речь).


1)    This holiday is celebrated on the 14th of February as a day of love and friendship.

2)    People buy presents and cards and send them to their friends  and  relatives. Parents put their presents into stockings. The traditional meal  is a roast turkey and a pudding. They also decorate streets, rooms and a tree.

3)     Children usually eat chocolate eggs and Cross Buns on this  holiday.

4)     Children  make lanterns out of pumpkins, dress as witches and ghosts and go from house to house and say: « Trick or Treat.»

   (ученик, у которого звёздочек меньше, чем у других, выходит из игры, получив приз за участие).

2 тур. История.


  Task 1. Dates.

    На доске написаны даты: 1. 1086, 2. 1564, 3. 1840, 4. 1653, 5. 1734, 6. 1553.


1) When did the first Englishman Richard Chancellor come to Russia?

2) When was the first treaty between England and Russia signed?

3) When  did the first stamp « Penny Black» appear?

4) When was the first official document the Domesday Book written ?

   Task 2.  Famous people.

  На доске написаны имена выдающихся людей : 1. Armstrong,  2. Bell, 3.Hogarth, 4. Newton, 5. A. Conan-Doyle, 6. A. Christie.


1)    Who was one of the best British artists ? He painted «Marriage a la Mode», «The Graham Children» and other pictures,  which are kept in the National Gallery in London.

2)    Who wrote 75 detective stories?

3)    He was a spaceman and the first person to walk on the Moon.

4)    Who invented   the telephone?

    (выбывает из игры ещё один участник с наименьшим количеством  звёздочек).

 3 тур. Аудирование.


Ведущий читает небольшие тексты.  Дети  должны  догадаться, о чём этот  текст. Первый догадавшийся приносит очко своей команде.

1)    Musical instruments played especially in Scotland, in which air stored in a bag is forced out through pipes to produce the sound. (bagpipes )

2)    A party at which meat is prepared over an open fire usually outdoors. (barbecue)

3)    The British Broadcasting Corporation, the main British radio and television broadcasting company. (  the BBC).

4)    Britain s most influential pop group, first performing in 1959 in Liverpool. The group included Paul MCartney, John Lennon, George Harrison and Ring o Starr. (Beatles)

5)    The clock in the clock tower of the Houses of Parliament in London. Its sound is well-known all over the world, because it is broadcast by the BBC. Its tower is used as a symbol of London and Britain ( Big  Ben ).

6)     a sweet non – alcoholic carbonated drink of American origin.( Coca-Cola)

7)    A person who spends most of the time watching   TV   (« couch-potato»).

8)    1 .a broadcaster who introduces records of popular music on a radio or television show, and talks in an entertaining way between records. (disc  jockey, DJ)

9)    Food such as hamburgers, fish and chips, pizzas and chicken that is quickly cooked and sold by a restaurant to be eaten at once or taken away.(fast-food)

10)                      A meal consisting of fish which is dipped into a mixture of flour and milk and then fried in oil, served with long, thin pieces of potato fried in oil. (fish and chips)

11)                      An international organization which actively works to protect the environment from harm. (Greenpeace).

12)                      Loud rock music with a strong beat and with the guitar sound increased by electric instruments. It attracts men more than women. (heavy metal ).

13)                      An extremely large gorilla in the 1983 film of the same name ,which terrorized the people of New York ,taking a young woman prisoner and climbing the Empire State Building holding her under his arm.(King-Kong)

14)                      The capital city of Great Britain. It is southeast England on the river Thames and is an important port and a centre  for business ,industry  and tourism .(London).

15)                      A plate – shaped piece of dough or pastry baked with a mixture of cheese, tomatoes and so on on the top. It was originally an Italian food but is now very popular all over the world. Some restaurants specialize in it and will deliver them hot to your door when you make your order by telephone. (pizza).

16)                      A place, not a club or hotel, where alcohol land light meals are served.(pub)

17)                      A game that is played between 2 teams of 11 players using a round ball that is kicked but not handled .(soccer)

 4 тур. Грамматика.

   Task 1.

(обе команды получают одинаковые карточки с предложениями, которые надо исправить).

1)    I will do this work when   I will be free.

2)    When Sasha will leaves the plane, hell wait for his luggage.

3)    Sasha will write a letter to Joey as soon as he will get to Atlanta.

4)    If Sasha will comes  to Washington, Joey will show him the city.

5)    He will finish the crossword puzzle if you will help him.

(за каждую правильно исправленную ошибку  команда получает балл).

   Task 2.

Вставить в письмо нужные предлоги.

Dear Alison,

Thank you for your letter        April 12 and      your offer to meet  me __ __   the airport. Many thanks___ your invitation to, stay ____   you and your family.

I`m flying____   Moscow   _____New York and then ____ New York _____Atlanta.

I will fly _____Moscow _____Tuesday, May 11, and I will arrive ____ Atlanta _____8.00 p.m.

My flight  number is   31.

Best wishes,



 Ведущий:  Make as many words as you can out of the word «Sportsmen».

(возможные ответы: sport, port, or, men, sort, to, ten, rose, nose, stop, pot, post, most, on, no, not, pet, more, rest, nest, pen, note, top  и т. д.).

Победитель конкурса получает приз.

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